What is Mobile Marketing?

In the recent time, the trend of using mobile phones with the smart technology or smartphones have been developed rapidly and this fact was understood by the marketers and different brands’ owners and therefore, a unique option for marketing was brought into picture. Here, we deal with the concept of mobile marketing, which means a marketing done with or on a mobile device like of course Smartphone. The customers who hold mobile devices which are of various different types, will be provided with the brand details, offers, etc. in connection with the services or products in this form of marketing. As such, it can be safely said that when any marketing activity which is conducted through a ubiquitous network to which consumers are constantly connected using a personal mobile device then it is called ‘Mobile marketing’.

Moreover, in other terms this form of marketing is also known to mean that it is the interactive multichannel promotion of products or services for mobile phones and devices, smartphones and networks. In the mobile marketing there can be seen various different techniques involved for advertising products or services which include electronic advertising and uses text, graphics and voice messages. Moreover, it is also notable that the mobile marketing is sometimes used against the term wireless marketing. There are several examples of the mobile marketing channels, in which one can see Location- based service- LBS, Augmented Reality- AR, GPS messaging, etc. Moreover, there are several other types of mobile marketing options, in which websites also involved which were developed for the mobile devices. Moreover, Bluetooth hotspot systems also can be used.

In Mobile marketing process, many such options are being involved and Short Message Services is common among those options, where short messages are being sent to the customers’ devices so that to attract them directly towards the offered services or products. Thus, like all other forms of marketing, mobile marketing option is really very beneficial for the brands or businesses. In this from of marketing, the marketers will get huge number of customers because there may be some internet users in the world, but mobile users are billions and countless. Nearly, everyone in present situation is using mobile devices.

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