What is Mobile Commerce?

In the present world, where lots of competition can be seen in every field, the working people need to take advantages from the newly offered technologies and systems like Mobile or its smart version called Smart phones. Generally, there are lots of things to do with the mobile phones, but it is basically, provided for the communication purposes. One who is holding a mobile phone means he is having option to connect with others through a wireless system. With the development in the technologies, there are number of unique features developed for the mobile phones and as such, these devices have not remained general, but they have become more smart. Similarly, when the features of Internet options are added in the mobile devices, the people received lots of benefits using it. Now, anyone holding a smart phone can easily, irrespective of his place or time, view any information including his mails, etc. Similarly, there are number of websites available for the smartphones which are offering e- commerce option through mobile devices. As such a new concept has emerged with the new name called M- Commerce or Mobile Commerce, which means the buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld devices like Mobile Phones or even personal digital assistants- PDAs.

Mobile Commerce is also known as next- generation e- commerce and it is allowing its users to access the Internet without needing to find a place to plug in. Moreover, the new technology which is being used for Mobile commerce is called Wireless Application Protocol- WAP. Also notably for exploiting the Mobile Commerce market the big brands which are developing or manufacturing smart phones like Nokia, Motorola, etc. have worked for the carriers like AT&T Wireless and Sprint for developing smart phones which would be having WAP compatibility. Moreover, using such systems now people or specially marketers can easily offer their products for sale and anyone who wants to buy the products can also transact using their handheld mobile phones. Thus, when the situation has become smart, people need to change their devices and switch to the newly developed Smart Phones so that they would be taking all the benefits offered from the Mobile Commerce.

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