What is Mobile Commerce?

In the present world, where lots of competition can be seen in every field, the working people need to take advantages from the newly offered technologies and systems like Mobile or its smart version called Smart phones. Generally, there are lots of things to do with the mobile phones, but it is basically, provided for[…]

What is Mobile Marketing?

In the recent time, the trend of using mobile phones with the smart technology or smartphones have been developed rapidly and this fact was understood by the marketers and different brands’ owners and therefore, a unique option for marketing was brought into picture. Here, we deal with the concept of mobile marketing, which means a[…]

What are Email Marketing Strategies and Tactics?

In the field of marketing, the marketers involve the use of many marketing options so that they can easily reach to the people from whom they would get their customers easily without more troubles. Email marketing is one of such option in which marketers can directly reach to the customers, either potential customers or prospect[…]

What is Email Marketing?

In the world of technology, though there are many convenience offering options which have been made available to people, but still people facing getting minimum time when they are engaged in business or trade of any products or services. As such, these people engage others for performing tasks relating to the business on their behalf.[…]

What are Social Networking Risks and Challenges?

Social Networking is one of the best services offered for to develop network or connection between people socially. As such, Social networking can be referred to a platform where registered persons can share their ideas, thoughts, images, videos using internet and a social networking websites with their friends, families, and other concerned people. In the[…]

What is Social Media Marketing?

In the present world of competition, marketers are using various different marketing strategies to attract customers towards their products and services. With the developing trend of the social media or social networking, such marketers have entered this field too, and have developed their marketing strategies using social media. Thus, Social Media Marketing can be easily[…]

Explain Social networking

Though, there is lot of competition in the present era, but still people manage their time to contact their friends, families and other concerned people so that they should not be feel lonely. Social networking is the use of internet- based social media programs and here such programs are being used for making connections with[…]

What is Social Media Channels?

Though the present situation is treated as competitive for the all the people including students, entrepreneurs, professionals, etc. but still many of the people using technologies to know what is the current status of social activities, as such, people now managing their time even to given contributions to their social responsibilities. Social media is one[…]

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of Video Marketing?

Nowadays, there are various options available with the marketers to involve in the marketing of any product or event and Video marketing is one of such options. In video marketing, the marketers are require to use video for promoting or marketing their brands, products or services, as such it is clear that it is a[…]

What is Video Marketing ?

With the development which we experience surrounding us in respects, people enjoying a lot with technology, computers, gadgets, internet, and other services. Similarly, such technologies have also resulted in the better uses by the people in relation to their businesses, marketing, services, etc. Thus, though the Internet options are being used for the information’s sharing,[…]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing strategy?

Affiliate marketing is little older concept of marketing where three parties are involved in the process, first one is a brand or business offering products for sale or services or even events, second is an affiliate, who promote or advertise such brand or businesses in the market for commission and third one is a customer.[…]

What is Affiliate Marketing?

For the marketing on the Internet or online marketing, Affiliate marketing option is also one of the famous options which involve the use of Internet. The Internet option is being involved in the present situation in all the fields including business also. In business lots of tasks are required to be performed by the business[…]

What are the objectives of Online Advertising?

In the present world of competition running businesses is not really easy tasks, but technology has contributed a lot, when it is the matter of offering convenience to the Human beings. The world of technology has provided a very unique and amazing support through Internet. People got a new option through Internet as they can[…]

What is Online Advertising?

Technology has offered number of facilities and options for the people working in any fields. Similarly, Internet or Online options have provided many options for people from every field. Online Advertising is, as such, a similar important option which is offering convenience the people who engaged in marketing. Generally, traditional way of marketing is really[…]

What is Search advertising?

In the business field people faces many tasks to perform like planning, marketing, manufacturing, promotion, advertisement, distribution, etc. thus to bring easiness in the field for the people engaged therein, such people involve the use of the Internet options and Search Advertising is one of such practices through which marketers can easily track their customers[…]


What are the Benefits and challenges of SEO?

When we talk about web commerce or online marketing, it is pertinent to note that the people in the present world are provided with the all convenient options through technology and specially, through Internet. With the use of the Internet options, marketers can easily promote their brands and products and also services even without many[…]

What is Social CRM?

To maintain the relationship existing between friends, families, corporate persons, they need to be stayed in connection either through communications, conferences, meets or in the present situation through e-mails, chats, social media, etc. Similarly, there is a relationship between business and their customers and for the business it is really very important to maintain such[…]

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

To maintain the relationship existing between friends, families, corporate persons, they need to be stayed in connection either through communications, conferences, meets or in the present situation through e-mails, chats, social media, etc. Similarly, there is a relationship between business and their customers and for the business it is really very important to maintain such[…]

What is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and its benefits?

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is one of the important concept in the Business Management process. When we talks about the Business Management it is not so easy thing, as it covers all the process of marketing and selling of the products and services in the market where already several other marketers have become well[…]

What are the best practices for online copywriting?

Online Copywriting is an art by which the writers aimed not only at creating beautifully, but also there is an aim to attract most of the users of internet towards their selected areas. As such, if anyone wants to promote any service or product on any particular website, he intents that every user of internet[…]

What is SEO Copywriting?

Nowadays, the concept of marketing has been modified to include Internet Marketing or Online Marketing. With such development, the marketers are generally using Internet Marketing as most convenient and affordable medium of marketing where instant reactions from their customers can be easily seen. However, the situation is not so simple as it appears, there are[…]

What is User Experience Design? What are the Core principles of UX design?

With the development in the technology, nearly all the fields and their variety of tasks have been modified to include the use of technology. For example in business, the marketing is one of the most important factor or element is now a days, uses Internet and computers for attracting large community of the customers towards[…]

What is Content Channel Distribution?

In the business field there will be many tasks to perform for receiving best responses from the customers and the ultimate aim in it will be attract more and more customers for retaining them and gaining their loyalty as to purchase of the brand’s products to gain ultimate profits. But in the process, businesses need[…]

What is Content Marketing?

In the world of marketing, there can be seen various types of marketing and Content Marketing is one of such types. Content marketing is any marketing in which information generating media files can be created and shared and also published in which contents are contained and all such files are so created, shared and published[…]

What are the Advantages and challenges of Market Research?

The concept of the Market research is very much clear as it refers to the marketing field. Whenever, any marketer thinks to bring his product or event in the market or opens the same for consumer, he needs to conduct a market research based on requirements among consumers, and prevailing trends in business. There are[…]

Explain online research methodologies?

In the world of competition like what we are experiencing today, people need to be more perfect in their professions, even in business so that they will attain their goals in the available times. To be perfect in the fields, study on the given topics is the most important task. For an example in business,[…]

What are the Importance of Market Research?

Trade and Business involves lots of risks and also excitements, and therefore people who engage themselves in this sector love taking risks. But it is notable that in the world with competition in every sector, only factor of taking risk is not enough to survive in the market, such people need to be more perfect[…]

What is Marketing and Digital Marketing? Differentiate it.

Generally, people who engaged in the profession of sale of products, services, or those who organise any function, event, etc. have many things to do regarding advertising or promoting their profession and this promotion activity is commonly known as advertising or marketing. Traditionally, marketing of any event or product or services was done through billboards,[…]

What does Internet to do with marketing?

There may be hardly a person available on this earth that is unaware of Internet and its importance in general. There are number of benefits of Internet which cannot even be calculated in number. Its importance and benefits, in all, can only be understood by those who use its offered options. Internet is a medium[…]

How people access the Internet?

The use of Internet has become world popular with the awareness of importance and significance of technology in human life. In the present scenario there are can be seen huge number of population using Internet options in their work routines. As per the latest statistics, about 40% of the world’s population using Internet connections. This[…]

How the Internet works?

In today’s era Internet is worldwide popular term which has been used as a medium to interconnect two differently located computers for data or information sharing. The term Internet has its great history, and also people have realized its importance in their lives. As Internet provides easy and convenient ways to establish connection with others[…]

History of the Internet

When people come across technologies and gadgets they found it a convenient way in their working. With the help of computers, people found a source in which they were capable of computing their works, like writing, calculating, maintaining books of accounts, making and maintaining scientific data, creating and modifying sound effects, music, etc. in easy[…]